Thursday, April 5, 2012

Arts & Crafts Projects for Young Children-Weaving

Weaving crafts have several objectives. 
  • Practice hand and eye coordination.
  • Sharpen fine motor skills.
  • The design and planning of patterns and shapes.

Berry Basket Weaving

Materials needed: one side of a plastic berry container, scrap yarn and clear tape.
Show children a partially woven piece for an example. Describe visually the proper way to wrap a piece of clear tape around the end of a string of yarn. The taped end will help in the weaving process. Demonstrate how to weave in and out through the plastic frame. Discuss the various shapes and patterns that can be woven. Encourage the weaver if she/he would like to weave an entire berry basket!

Paper Plate Weaving

Cut slits in paper plates before the lesson.
Materials that can be woven on the plate include: yarn, beads, stiff fabric, wall paper, strips of construction paper, etc. Show a partially woven piece. Demonstrate how to push the material through the slits.

Plastic Soda Can Ring Weaving

Various materials can be used for weaving such as: yarn, ribbon, bias tape, chenille sticks, etc. Discuss with children what available materials would be their choice for weaving.  Cut a slit in each plastic soda ring to attach one ring to another; secure with tape. Demonstrate to young children a sample of weaving.

Styrofoam Tray Weaving

Provide yarn and foam trays. Cut slits on the side of foam trays ahead of time. Place a stick for ease of weaving. Show children a sample of weaving in this manner. A young child may need the foam loom to be strung with horizontal strings before weaving. An older child may take on the challenge to string the loom before weaving.

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