Sunday, October 2, 2011

Arts & Crafts Projects for Young Children-Collage

A collage is a form of art in which materials are glued to a backing. The word collage originates from the French verb coller, to glue.

Many materials can be used such as paper products including newspaper and magazine cutouts, wallpaper, etc. Other materials such as, fabric, ribbon, lace and items from nature such as, leaves, plants, etc. can be used.

Listed below are four collage activities for small children.

Have children decide what colors, shapes and textures they want to use.

Future blogs will include resist, printmaking, texture rubbing, masks and weaving projects.

I do ask that these projects be used for personal use only and not for profit.
 3-D Junk Collage
Discuss with the artist materials to be used. Collect paper or cardboard, white non-toxic glue, magazine cutouts, fabric of various textures, lace, buttons, leaves, tissue paper, etc. Encourage children to explore different materials to make their creation.

Nature Collage
Encourage children to collect dry leaves, twigs and other items. Dried coffee grounds can be used for texture. Crumble and break apart items if desired. Draw a tree or other outdoor scene using color/watercolor pencils. Brush white non-toxic glue where leaves and other natural items are to be placed. Dry flat.

A montage is a collage with a theme. Provide a wide variety of materials such as: construction paper, magazines, newspapers, fabric, crayons, markers, beads, etc. Several layers of material can be placed on the collage.

Texture Collage
Materials needed are heavy paper, non-toxic white glue and a brush. An endless variety of materials can be used for the textures such as: sand, leaves, dried coffee grounds, fabric, ground nut shells, etc.  Brush glue on a piece of paper and place items on top of the glue. Shapes can be traced from cookie cutters, etc. and glue spread inside the shape, if desired. Dry flat.

Stained Glass Collage
The following materials are needed: tissue paper, wax paper, non-toxic white glue, a large brush and construction paper. Dilute white glue by one-half with water; mix. Spread the mixed glue on wax paper,  in small sections at a time. The glue will bead in some spots on the wax paper; this is okay.
Tear out pieces of tissue paper and place on top of the glue. Try to overlap the tissue paper. Let dry.

Cut strips of construction paper approximately three-fourths inches wide (2 cm).
Discuss with the child what geometric shapes they would like to make such as, triangles, squares, etc. Glue the strips of paper to the stained glass and cut out. Punch a hole into the construction paper and insert a piece of yarn or string. Hang near a window and look at the beautiful colors!

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